Vysochanskyi Vasyl Stepanovych

First Vice-Rector

Vysochanskyi Vasyl Stepanovych

— Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Tel.: (+38 032) 239-43-22


The First Vice-Rector is in charge of the following activities:

  • control over the implementation of decisions taken by public authorities responsible for higher education, decrees by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, decisions taken by the Scholarly Council of the University, Rector’s decrees and decisions taken by the Rectorate;
  • analysis of the University activities and production of recommendations for their improvement;
  • monitoring the learning process, drawing up timetables of classes and the learning process and whether they are followed;
  • monitoring the compilation and presentation of statistical and other forms of reports on the organization and results of educational activities;
  • promotion of University’s achievements in research and teaching;
  • devising plans for specialist training based on exploring the needs of Ukraine and the region, as well as concluding agreements with enterprises and institutions on graduate training, including training on a fee-paying basis;
  • launching new major courses and departments;
  • ensuring free choice from a range of subjects for students;
  • preparation of documents for licensing and accreditation;
  • job placement of graduates and analysis of their employment;
  • constant monitoring of the labour market, career fairs etc.
  • cooperation with employers;
  • organization of university events;
  • current work of the admissions commission and examination boards;
  • calculation and formulation of proposals for faculties, general university departments, colleges and other academic divisions of the University regarding staff distribution and monitoring the compilation of staffing tables;
  • preparation of prompt responses to organizations and public appeals related to the above-mentioned areas.

Academic career

1969 – He graduated from the Ivan Franko State University of Lviv, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

1969-1977 – Senior Engineer, Junior Research Fellow at Lviv branch of the Institute of Theoretical Physics.

1976 – He was conferred the degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (‘Research of Binary Distribution Functions of Mixed Ion-Dipole Systems’).

1977-1979 – Assistant Lecturer, 1979-1989 – Docent at the Department of Computational Mathematics, 1989-1999 – Docent, since 1999 – Chairperson of the Department of Programming at Lviv University.

Since 1993 – Vice-Rector for Teaching, First Vice-Rector of Lviv University.

2004 – He was conferred the academic title of Professor.

2007-2010 – Acting Rector of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


Research interests

Software development and methodological support of courses in information science for educa-tional institutions. He has authored about 60 scientific papers.