Harasym Yaroslav Ivanovych

Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching

Harasym Yaroslav Ivanovych

— Doctor of Philology, Professor

Tel.: (+38 032) 239-41-46


The Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching is in charge of the following activities:

  • control over the implementation of decisions taken by public authorities responsible for higher education, decrees by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, decisions taken by the Scholarly Council of the University, Rector’s decrees and decisions taken by the Rectorate;
  • methodological support of the learning process and individual work of students majoring in any field and with any mode of study;
  • analysis of supplying textbooks and methodological literature to students;
  • organization of teaching and methodological events;
  • job placement, internships for students, organizing teaching and methodological work in the institutions where job placement or internships are held;
  • organization and coordination of career counselling;
  • coordination of cooperation with the Alumni Association;
  • organization of university and inter-university educational events;
  • organization of cultural and educational events at the University;
  • coordination of amateur arts groups at the University;
  • organization of art exhibitions at the University;
  • coordination of patriotic-oriented events and educational activities;
  • promotion of the University’s achievements in the patriotic-oriented and educational areas;
  • advanced training for teachers and support staff.



1994 – He graduated from Ivan Franko State University of Lviv, Faculty of Philology, honours degree.

1997 – He completed postgraduate studies at Lviv University, attained the academic title of Candidate of Philology («Cultural Historical School in the History of Ukrainian Folklore Studies»).

1997-2011 – Lecturer, since 2001 – Docent at the Department of Ukrainian Folklore Studies, since 2004 – Dean of the Faculty of Philology at Lviv University.

2010 – He attained the academic title of Doctor of Philology («Ethnic aesthetics of the Ukrainian Singing Folklore»).



History of Ukrainian Folklore Studies, folklore research methodology, ethnopsychology and ethnic aesthetics. Author of about 60 academic papers.