The Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is a classical institution of higher education with enduring traditions and powerful scientific schools incorporating modern innovative trends. The  University has a special mission:

  • to define and apply educational and scientific standards;
  • to generate changes needed in a region, country or the world;
  • to form an individuality – a bearer of intellectual and innovative potential.

Lviv university
Lviv university

We act on the basis of preserving Ukrainian culture and developing national consciousness and identity.

The University holds the 4th level of accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and trains specialists in licensed programs: 9 specialities of an educational-proficiency level ‘junior specialist’, 49 bachelor’s degree programs, 82 specialities ‘specialist’ and 87 specialities ‘master’ in 17 branches of knowledge.

In 2014-2015 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine licensed 4 ‘young specialist’  fields of study, accredited 7 ‘bachelor’ specialities, 3 ‘specialist’ specialities, and 3 ‘master’ specialities. The University trains specialists within 144 ‘specialist’ specialities and 161 ‘master’ specialities. 32 new specialities have been opened within the University faculties. We are developing further and offer our future students even a wider choice: in 2015 8 specialities within the Faculty of Biology, Geology, Economics and Applied Mathematics and Informatics were submitted to be licensed and accredited.

Today 19357 students study at Lviv University out of which 10202 are state-maintained; 4332 people work here out of which 2056 are lecturers; 281 people work at the University scientific
and research department. 220 Doctors and 1119 Candidates teach here; out of them 203 people hold the position of Professor and 794 people are docents.

The University’s priority is scientific work. In 2014 the University conducted scientific research in 35 fundamental and 10 applied topics approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, out of these 3 were ordered by the State Agency of Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine, 6 dealt with the preservation of objects which belong to the national heritage of Ukraine, 3 were self-financed projects and 8 Grants of International Funds.

The University is a founder and publisher of 44 scientific serial publications. Visnyk Universytetu (University bulletin): Biology Series belongs to the list of international professional editionts Web of Science. Journal of Physical Studies is one of 42 journals in Ukraine that belongs to a bibliographic database Scopus.

We go on in our achievements. In this context it would be topical to switch from quantitative to qualitative indicators: therefore the University defines for itself strategic aims of:

    1. achieving the highest standards and globalization of scientific research;
    2. providing high quality of educational process;
    3. strengthening the role of the University in the society;
      • forming intellectual elite;
      • developing cultural environment;
      • forming and developing individuality and social guidelines of a person;
      • developing youngsters historical consciousness and national identity;
      • increasing innovative capacity, training highly qualified personnel in demand by the  society and state;
      • University brand promotion, forming a unified perception of the University in Ukraine  and abroad;
    4. deepening University integration into the world educational and scientific space;
    5. modern social, information and communication and production infrastructure.