The Professor of University of Miskolc, corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Gyorgy Kaptay delivered lectures on the Materials Science to students of the University

The delegation of the University of Miskolc (Hungary), which included the Director of Nano-Composites of the Research Institute of Nanotechnology BAY-NANO University of Miskolc, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Gyorgy Kaptay and the coordinator of international projects and programs of national scholarships of Hungary (Stipendium Hungaricum) Christina Sandor paid an official visit to the Lviv University.

During the meeting with the Rector, Professor Volodymyr Melnyk, the five-year inter-institutional agreement within Erasmus+ individual mobility for students and staff was signed. The agreement provides reciprocal visits of professors and researchers for 5 days. The students will have the opportunity to study at the University of Miskolc for 4 months.

During his four-day stay in Lviv famous Hungarian scientist, Professor Gyorgy Kaptay delivered lectures during which the problems in Materials Science were discussed, including Nanophysics and Nanoelectronics, as well as the study of physical and chemical properties of nanosystems.

Gyorgy Kaptay described the use of the Gibbs chemical thermodynamics for calculations of phase equilibria and phase diagrams of macro systems, the Gibbs chemical thermodynamics distribution for calculation of phase equilibria and phase diagrams of nanosystems, as well as inter surface forces as a result of a combination of Gibbs energy and Newton thermodynamics; the science beyond “self-organization” in nanosystems.

The scientist dwelled in detail on thermal properties modeling (molar volume, the coefficient of thermal expansion, inter surface energy, wetting angle, viscosity, diffusivity) of metals and melts taking into account the effects of surface phase transition on the surfaces of liquid/vapor and solid state/vapor and the segregation at intergranular border.

Lectures of Professor Gyorgy Kaptay aroused great interest among the audience, including students and teachers of Physical, Chemical Faculties and the Departments of the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies.