The ceremonial opening of the German Law School took place at the Faculty of Law of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv on September 29, 2017. Students of the Lviv University have an opportunity to take a course that involves parallel study of German law for the eighth year in a row thanks to the cooperation of the Lviv National University and the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation. About 30 students of the Faculty of Law, Faculty of International Relations and the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​have taken part in the course this year.

Addressing the participants of the German Law School, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law Serhiy Riznyk wished them fruitful work, good impressions and active intellectual enrichment throughout the course.

The Head of the Delegation of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation Gennadyi Ryzhkov spoke about the lecturers, the conditions for passing the course and the requirements for its participants.

“We are sincerely grateful to the students of Lviv University for their constant interest in the study of the foundations of German law”, said Gennadyi Ryzhkov, noting that it is Lviv students who traditionally show high results in teaching and successful mastering the course every year.

Maryan Lozynskyi, the Vice-Rector for Research, Teaching, Social Issues and Development, emphasized the importance of the functioning of the German Law School for students of the University and for the growth of the potential of the entire legal system of our country.

“Today there are active discussions on the reform of the judicial system and the youth who will acquire the features and study the specifics of the legal sphere not only of Ukraine, but also of other countries of the world can be extremely useful for our state” the Vice-Rector, wishing the participants of the school as deeply as possible to learn the foundations of law, language and culture of Germany.

The former Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Viktor Shyshkin, addressing the participants of the School, felt sure that specialists who speak German and mastered the foundations of the legal system of European countries are of a great need for Ukraine today. And so, participation in the School is a promising opportunity for every student.

In his speech, the former Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Petro Stetsyuk, focused on challenges facing the modern world. According to him, young professionals must learn to respond to the numerous impendence of the present and to constantly improve.

“The modern world has faced numerous threats, which 15 years ago we could not even think about. This is globalization, climate change, and international terrorism, and much more. These challenges touch upon our lives every day and they need to be tackled. Relevance to the German legal system will allow you to know how our neighbors in the West respond to them. Therefore, I want you to make the most of the opportunity that you are involved with in this course”, appealed to the youth Petro Stetsyuk.

At the end of the opening ceremony of the German Law School the report
“The State of Constitutional Reform and Its Legislative Implementation” was made by a graduate of Lviv University Ruslan Sydorovych (the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, a member of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on questions of legal policy and justice, the Chairman of the subcommittee on implementation of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, a member of the Constitutional Commission and Judicial Reform Council). In his speech the lawyer analyzed the problems and challenges that arise on the path to reforming the legal system of Ukraine in general and the reform of the Constitutional Court in particular.

It is worth mentioning that within the course students will listen to lectures by eight German scholars on the most important branches of the legal system in Germany. During the year, the students will write a test twice, which is the control of the acquired knowledge. After completing the training, all participants who will receive the corresponding number of points on the test results will receive a certificate of completion of the course and the opportunity to study at the Summer School of Law, which will be held in Germany.

The best student of the course will receive a scholarship, which involves research work in one of the German higher education institutions.