Burdina Eleonora Olehivna


Infotainment as a Social Communication Phenomenon in Modern Ukrainian Info-Publicistic Television Projects


The main techniques and means of infotainment in the Ukrainian info-publicistic broadcast are
analyzed in the thesis, the meaningful specifics of its contemporary realization is comprehended. The
content and structural transformations caused by infotainment based on the example of newsmagazine
programs on the top channels («Week Details», «Facts of the Week with Oksana Sokolova», «Week
events», «TSN. Week») are systematized. The implementation methods of the phenomenon on visual and
expressive levels are identified and studied in detail. The manifestations of quality infotainment and
showization in info-publicistic segment of Ukrainian television are differentiated (in the comparative
table). The consequences of information distortion due to excessive entertaining supply (non-observance
of professional principles, using manipulation methods, breaking journalistic standards) are designated.
Key words: content and structural transformation, info-publicistic television projects,
infotainment, play element, showization, Ukrainian television, visual and expressive means of TV.

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