Demchyshak Nazar Bohdanovych


Financial regulation of innovative activity in Ukraine


The  dissertation  develops  the  theoretical  and  methodological  principles  of
innovation  financial  regulation  and  practical  recommendations  to  improve  its
efficiency in Ukraine for competitiveness strengthening of national economy.
The interpretation of innovation financial regulation as a coherent complex law
regulated  application  of  budgetary  and  tax  instruments  with  the  purpose  of  state
institutes  influence  on  functioning  of  the  national  innovative  system,  innovative
potential  and  innovative  security  in  the  country,  aimed  at  competitiveness
strengthening  and  claim  of  innovative  model  of  socio-economic  development  is
grounded.  The  theoretical  foundations  of  innovation  financial  regulation  are
systematized and deepened, the structure of financial regulation, budgetary and fiscal
instruments for its implementation is solved. The role of innovation in ensuring socio-
economic development in the modern world is founded out.
Methodological  principles  of  innovation  processes  financial  regulation  are
designed  and  its  institutional  base  in  Ukraine  in  the  context  of  the  functioning  of
formal and informal institutions regulation is conceptualized. The economic content,
structure and principles of the national innovation system is solved, its efficiency is
analyzed. Scientific basis for the formation of modern system  of innovative activity
financial regulation in Ukraine are substantiated.
The state and dynamics of innovation in Ukraine, the indicators of scientific and
technological activities in the national economy, especially the functioning of innovation
infrastructure  in  terms  of  building  an  innovative  model  of  Ukraine  development  are
analyzed. The efficiency of budgetary and fiscal management of Ukrainian innovation
processes  is  evaluated.  Indicators  of  innovation  financial  regulation  in  the  domestic
economy  by  using  multiple  regression  models  are  modeled.  The  diagnosing  of
innovation  performance  differentiation  indicators  and  implementation  of  innovative
potential of Ukraine’s regions based on cluster analysis are done.
The strategy of innovation financial regulation in Ukraine which is based on the
concept of national economy innovative potential formation is formed. The structural-
logical model of financial regulation strategy of innovation which includes: the goals
of regulation and financial instruments to achieve them; isolation systems responsible
for  developing  and  implementing  strategies  of  public  institutions;  Directions
implementation  within  specific  institutional,  scientific,  technical,  financial,
infrastructure, the European integration blocks of strategy is offered.
Conception of forming a national economy innovative potential is outlined and its
qualificatory  role  in  strategy  of  the  financial  regulation  is  proved.  Interpretation  of
innovative  potential  as  totalities  of  financial,  institutional  and  other  possibilities  of
country, the level of realization of that stipulates ability to provide the positive dynamics
of  innovative  activity  and  stimulate  it  in  a  long-term  prospect  in  the  conditions  of
intensification of innovative processes and increase of competition in a global economy
is  offered.  The  main  indicators  of  innovative  state  security  in  modern  globalized
financial  environment  is  offered.  The  ways  of  foreign  experience  implementing  of
innovative activity financial regulation in Ukraine are determined. Thus fundamental is
accordance  of  strategy  of  innovative  activity  financial  regulation  to  the  doctrine  of
Ukraine economic politics taking into account the dynamics of eurointegration.
The theoretical, methodological and scientifically-applied results of research can
be used in the process of forming and realization the state financial politics that will
give an opportunity to promote efficiency of innovative activity financial regulation in
Ukraine  and  will  assist  the  construction  of  competitive  national  economy  in  the
conditions of globalization.
Keywords: financial politics, financial regulation, innovative activity, financial
regulation of innovative activity, financial regulation instruments, budgetary and tax
instruments,  regulation  institutes,  national  innovative  system,  state  sponsorship,

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