Dvoryanyn Paraskoviya Yaroslavivna


News  on  the  Regional  Television:  Ukrainian  and Centric Paradigm


The Thesis conducts a complex research of regional television news on
the basis of Ukrainian and Centric ideology and politics for the first time. The
concept of creating news that has to organically combine regional, national and
universal values (absolute, national, civil, family, personal) is proven.
The structure of social and humanistic needs of TV-viewers is designed,
on  which  regional,  national  and  universal  values  as  a  whole  of  the  Ukrainian
national and civic identity are designed, strengthened and created under the in-
fluence of the news reports.
The method of creating social and cultural patterns of airing the regional
news  is  recommended,  which  is  designed  to  contribute  to  the  development  of
Ukrainian  integration  potential,  overcoming  of  painful  regionalism,  heteroge-
neous mentality and a sense of conviction concerning moral and psychological,
social and economic unity of Ukraine.
The  compositional  structure  of  TV  news  programs  as  a  contextually
semantic,  figurative  linguistic,  aesthetic  and  cultural  unity  in  information  and
military  aggression  of  Russia  against  Ukraine  is  improved.  The  concept  of
semantic  essence  of  professional  patriotism  of  the  employees  of  regional  tele-
vision  is  proven,  which  is  based  on  true  historical  matrix,  awareness  of  new
goals of the journalistic work for the ideological strengthening of the Ukrainian
identity in the ethnographic boundaries of Ukraine.
The modern regional information policy of television is researched, taking
into account not only the traditional moral and ethical standards of journalistic
work, but also the adherence and features of the journalists during the acute in-
formation  war  and  military  aggression  against  Ukraine.  The  profound  under-
standing  of  communication  as  a  positive  phenomenon  related  to  the  selection,
processing, creation of news, perception and memorizing is extended which is to
help  to  improve  the  formation  of  high  moral  and  spiritual,  national  and
humanistic ideals among the TV-viewers.
Further development of theoretical principles of information as a spiritual
and  national  intellectual  value  is  conducted  that  moves  freely  within  the
democratic  society  vertically  from  generation  to  generation  and  horizontally  –
from  one  generation  or  person.  This  existential  quality  of  news  is  called  the
spiritual information mobility of a nation (S. Vovkanych). The attention on the
need  for  the  understanding  of  the  television  by  the  employees  is  paid  that
regional  identity  during  the  worsening  of  social  and  political  situation  in  the
country and that the world can turn into threatening phenomenon regarding the
collegiality and independence of Ukraine.
Keywords: regional television, TV news, values, social and cultural needs,
Ukrainian and Centric paradigm, social and cultural model of news releases.

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