Horbova Yuliya Serhiyivna


Sociological context of the corporate social responsibility practices in Ukraine


Thesis is devoted to the study of sociological context of the corporate social
responsibility practices in Ukraine. In this work, theoretical generalizations are
formulated and new approaches to solve a contradiction between objective need for
conceptualization of development of corporate social responsibility practices
mechanisms in Ukraine and absence of accurate criteria for their assessment via
sociological tools are offered.
Genesis and a place of social responsibility concept in a sociological discourse
is studied; stages and features of corporate social responsibility institutionalization
process in the management system of social organizations are analysed; the system of
assessment indicators of the corporate social responsibility practices and the
mechanism of measurement of its productivity within the company management
system is developed and proved; practices of realization of corporate social
responsibility in Ukraine are empirically investigated; expedience of the sociological
analysis of the Ukrainian companies’ social reporting is proved; tendencies and
prospects of further development of corporate social responsibility practices in
Ukraine are defined.
The research that was conducted towards features of social responsibility
management allowed to characterize it as continuous process, which consists of
sequence of the following stages: definition of the priority directions of the
organization’s social policy, creation of social structure of management and
coordination center of social programs, training for the personnel in the field of social
responsibility, implementation of social programs, drawing up the social report on
results of social responsibility by the organization and bringing it to notice of
interested parties. 19

Based on the sociological expert questioning, the most widespread practices of
corporate social responsibility for the different forms of business are specified. In
addition, the algorithm of sociological evaluation of corporate social reports
published by companies is developed. Based on this it was well proven, that a social
report, as one of basic external displays of corporate social responsibility, is a
complex document subjected to a sociological analysis. The evaluation of social
report allows to study, what practices of corporate social responsibility are the most
presented in Ukrainian business-environment.
The conclusions and results of research enabled to define obstacles for
effective development of corporate social responsibility, which are reflected in low
social activity of companies. Moreover, the substitution of voluntary willingness of
companies to be socially responsible for state compulsion and influence can become
a barrier for harmonization of societal development.
The practical value of the results is that determination of sociological context
of corporate social responsibility practices allows complementing conception of
social responsibility by practical constituent, namely – by the quantitative high-
quality evaluation of corporate social responsibility practices. The received results
help to enrich practice of evaluation of corporate social responsibility and ground the
substantive provisions and features of sociological evaluation at organizational level.
Research materials complement, deepen the existent picture of corporate social
responsibility, and can be used to further improve the strategy of socially responsible
business as a necessary condition for development of steady society in Ukraine.

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