Sadovska Alyona Olehivna


Young engineers in the labor market in modern Ukraine


Chapter I “Theoretical and methodological foundations of the labor market
research of Ukraine” summarized the history and main directions of the research of
the labor market in general and the labor market of young specialists, in particular,
the definition of the labor market of young specialists and the social development of
personality in the labor market of young specialists of technical profile is proposed.
In chapte 2 “Analysis of the labor market of young specialists through means of
empirical sociology” by means of an empirical study, the attitudes and expectations of
graduate students of technical higher education institutions regarding the future
employment and the situation of young engineers in the Ukrainian labor market are
considered, as well as the author’s model of effective employment is developed. In
chapte 3 “Technology of employment of young engineers in the chosen specialty” the
methodological aspects of the introduction of social technologies in the labor market
of young engineers are considered, with the help of which, in particular, it is possible
to optimize the process of finding the first workplace, both for a young engineer and
for intermediaries in the labor market. . The data of empirical research gave grounds
to develop an author’s model of search of the first place of work in the technical
specialty after graduation.
The employment of young engineers in the labor market in Ukraine remains a
poorly researched topic, therefore, the sociological approach may contribute to
solving the problem, which is defined above in terms of optimization of market
mechanisms and procedures for the employment of graduates of higher educational
institutions of technical profile.
In the dissertation is outlined theoretical generalizations and proposed new
solutions to the scientific problem of finding work of young engineers in the labor
market of Ukraine.
As a result of the analysis of scientific sources in the dissertation is revealed
the labor market of young specialists. It has also been established that in the frame 17

work of the sociological approach, the modern view of the labor market requires a
revision of the conditions for entry of graduates to higher educational institutions at
the state level in order to accommodate the number of places in higher educational
institutions in the so-called “prestigious specialties” and popularize the receipt of
other professions whose specialists have shortcomings.
On the basis of empirical research the methodology and methodology of
studying the movement of young specialists in the Ukrainian labor market is
An analysis of sociological research on the results of the employment of
graduates of the NTU “KhPI” revealed the relationship between the reluctance to
work on the engineering and technical profile and the university’s dissatisfaction.
The analysis of existing job search technologies conducted in the work has
revealed the traditional and innovative ways to find work. As a result, for the first
time a typology of topical social practices has been developed that reflects the
methods of finding work for young engineers, where typological units are: the use of
informal social networks, informal individual search, search with the participation of
formal mediators, informal search of 2 types (simultaneous use of social networks –
Assistance to friends, relatives, and informal individual searches – mass media,
enterprises), “integrated” strategies.
The factors influencing the level of employment of specialist graduates of
technical universities are also revealed.
Among the main factors are labor legislation and its changes, economic factors,
changes in the form of ownership, internal and external migration, socio-political
factors, legal factors, education level, occupational requirements and demographic
situation in the country, scientific and technological progress, development of
competition, the dynamics of the regional economy, the placement of production, the
direction of social policy, etc.
In addition, there are factors that affect the need of graduate technical
universities, including psychological, political, motivational, social, national and
For the first time the theoretical basis of the innovative models complex of
employment of young engineers taking into account the conditions of the modern
labor market of Ukraine, which includes a series of successive stages combining the
actions of job seekers and employers, can be considered and can be considered as
special social technologies aimed at optimization of the market of higher educational
institutions graduates of a technical profile.
For the first time a model (technology) for finding work of young engineers on
the Ukrainian labor market is proposed, which involves the use of five types of job
search, namely: informal social networks; Informal individual search; formal
intermediaries; informal search of 2 types; “comprehensive” strategies.
The model of job search of young engineers on the Ukrainian labor market has
been constructed, which consists of the stages of job search, professional and social
adaptation, as well as factors influencing employment.
In addition, the algorithm of the search engine’s actions in the process of
working with Internet resources during the online selection of vacancies has been improved. Also, the notion of the labor market of young engineers with the
involvement of the theory of social field, which is defined as a separate segment of
the labor market of young specialists, has been improved, which includes specific
agents: on the one hand, graduates of higher educational institutions of the technical
profile, which, during the three years, make efforts to maintain professional status
and employment of a specialty, and on the other – employers who agree to take on a
competitive basis young specialists in the relevant specialties.
Within the framework of the work, further development of the concept of
deviant behavior in the labor market of young specialists has been further developed,
in particular, as the rejecting interpretation of those categories behavior of persons
who have entered into the labor market from the segment of young engineers and are
reluctant to seek work in the engineering profession; the typology of the most
commonly used technology for job search by young engineers.
The findings and results obtained in the course of the study provided an
opportunity to confirm the hypothesis laid down in its basis, and their comprehensive
synthesis, in turn, provides options for making a number of proposals that, in our
opinion, have not only theoretical but also practical significance.
The practical significance of the results obtained is that the theoretical
positions, conclusions and recommendations developed by the author and proposed in
the dissertation can be used to improve the employment of young engineers in the
Ukrainian labor market. The practical significance of the dissertation research is
determined by the content of the proposed social technology in the form of models of
activity of the subjects of the labor market. The proposed model describes the process
of the formation of supply and demand for young engineers in the labor market
(market conjuncture), starting with the scientific and educational base – universities,
trained future professionals and ending with the place of employment in industrial
enterprises seeking workforce under the influence of political processes and changes
in the economic conjuncture, which is formed at a certain time in the labor market.
This technology can be used as separate graduates of higher educational institutions,
as well as intermediaries in the labor market.
Key words: young engineers, labor market, social technology, job search

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