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Faculty of International Relations
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
79000 Lviv Sichovykh Striltciv street, 19

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The Faculty of International Relations was opened in 1992. There are seven Departments in the structure of the Faculty: the Department of International Relations and Diplomatic Service, the Department of Country Studies and International Tourism, the Department of International Economic Relations, the Department of International Economic Analysis and Finance, the Department of International Law, the Department of European Law, the Department of Foreign Languages. The teaching process at the Faculty is also supported by Methodological Laboratory of Country Studies, Publishing Center of the Faculty, the Nordic Center, the Institute of European Integration, the Resource Center of the British Council, Austrian-Ukrainian Bureau of Cooperation in Education, Research and Culture, the French Center of Documentation and Education, the Branch of the Department of International Law in the Lawyer's Office “Legal Advisor”.

The staff of the Faculty is about 100, including 8 Doctors of Sciences, professors and 30 Candidates of Sciences, assistant professors. The administration of the Faculty invites professors from the USA , Great Britain , Denmark , Canada , Sweden , Austria , Germany , Poland , Croatia, prominent scientists of other Ukrainian Universities, officials of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, people's deputies of Ukraine to deliver lectures and supervise diploma papers. The staff and students of the Faculty take part in a number of international programs and projects: TEMPUS-TACIS “The Study of the European Union Law in Ukrainian Universities”, megaproject “”Higher Education: Leadership for Progress”, with Carlton University (Ottawa, Canada) “Commercial Diplomacy”, “Partnership of Lviv and Oregon (the USA) Universities” which gives a possibility to see how our colleagues in other countries work, take part in numerous scientific conferences in Ukraine and abroad.

The Faculty of International Relations organized a number of international conferences, namely: “National Identity and European Integration on the Eve of the 21 st Century”, “New Global Economy: Tendencies and Prospects”, “Ukrainian Foreign Policy Interest”, “European Law: Science, Education, Practice”, NATO Winter Academy “Euroatlantic Integration: the Instrument for Stability”.

In 1993 the students of the Faculty organized a public student organization “Young Diplomacy” which is a legal person, has close ties with similar organizations of foreign universities, and since 1995 has been publishing a journal “Young Diplomacy”.

The Faculty trains specialists of the professional field “International Relations” in the following specialties:


Specialty “International Relations”
Specializations: foreign policy and national security;
diplomatic service and international organizations;
European policy.

Specialty “International Law”
Specializations: international public law;
international private law;
European Union law;
international environmental law;
international advocacy.

Specialty “International Economic Relations”
Specializations: commercial diplomacy;
management of foreign economic activity;
international financial relations;
foreign trade;
customs regulation of foreign economic activity;
transborder cooperation.

Specialty “International Information”
Specializations: international information systems and technologies;
public relations;
information management;
analytical and propaganda support of foreign political interests;
information security;
electronic commerce.

Specialty “Country Studies”
Specializations: policy, economy and law of the Central-Eastern European countries;
policy, economy and law of Nordic countries;
the European Union;
economy and organization of international tourism and service.

Post-graduate and doctorate studies:
The Faculty trains post-graduate students in the following pecialties:
23.00.04. – political problems of international systems and global development.
12.00.11 – international public law.
08.05.01 – world economy and international economic relations.

There is a specialized Scientific board K.35.051.11 at the Faculty for the defense of dissertations for the scientific degree of Candidate of sciences (Political sciences) in specialties 23.00.04 “Political problems of international systems and global development” and 23.00.05 “Ethnopolitical science and ethnostate studies”

The Head of the Board Markian Malskiy, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor
Vice Head of the Board Yuriy Moroz, Candidate of Sciences (History), Assistant Professor
Secretary of the Board Yuriy Prysiazhniuk, Candidate of Sciences (Geography), Assistant Professor