The Press Centre of Lviv University was founded in 2010 by order of the rector for the full and objective coverage of the University in the media. The Press Centre monitors publications about the
University, Ukrainian educational and cultural events and reforms. It also organizes and prepares interviews, briefings, press conferences, opinions and statements of  University authorities as well
as it participates in the University’s events and informs the media via press releases, newsletters, brochures, booklets, invitations. It systematically creates and updates the photo archives of the
University. Its employees prepare information materials for publication in the media, quickly react to critical publications, speeches, reports, prepare and provide answers to information requests from the media. The objectives of the Press Centre is also to announce events and activities, provide information support for events accompanied by the rector and University authorities.


Shemberko Tetiana – Director of the Press Center

Vivcharyk Oleh – editor

Lavrynovych Oleksandr – leading specialist

Onysko Iryna – editor

Chura Oleksandra – editor

Konyk Anastasia – editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Kameniar”

Contact Information:

Address: Lviv, 1 Universytetska Str, Room 221а

Tel .: 239-45-04