The strengthening of Ukrainian-Czech academic relations by expanding cooperation launched 5 years ago between Lviv and Charles Universities, it was the subject of the meeting of: Vice-rector for research and teaching and international cooperation Mariya Zubrytska, dean of the Faculty of Philology Sviatoslav Pylypchuk, docent of the Slavic philology of Franko Lviv National University as well as professors from Charles University (the Czech Republic)Yirzhi and Helen Hasilam.

On behalf of Ivan Franko Lviv National University Governance – Authorities, vice-rector Mariya Zubrytska welcomed guests from the Czech Republic and thanked them for their important mission they carried out at the University as ambassadors of the Czech culture and education in Ukraine.

“Your visit to our University is an intellectual event. I am sure that is a good investment in the future, the development of bohemia studies at Lviv University “- said Maria Oleksandrivna.

Vice-rector highlighted that “Ivan Franko Lviv National University is the only institution in Ukraine where all the Slavic languages are taught. Hence, it is very important for us to develop bohemia studies in Lviv and Ukrainian studies at Charles University”.

According to Docent of the Slavic Philology Nadiyi Lobur, Yirzhi Hasil initiated the signing of an agreement between Lviv and Charles Universities. “Being a true missionary of the Czech culture Professor Yirzhi Hasil cares about organizing summer schools for foreigners who want to get to know the culture and traditions of the Czech Republic as well as its language”, – said Nadiya Lobur.

There have been discussed different formats of expansion of Ukrainian-Czech cooperation, in particular Vice Rector Maria Zubrytska emphasized the importance of academic exchanges as a prerequisite for quality training in high school. According to Maria Oleksiyivna, a great opportunity for this offer Erasmus + and collaboration with Vushegradskyi Fund.

Discussed issues: systematic research collaboration of scientists of both universities – joint scientific conferences and publications – emphasized dean of the Faculty of Philology Sviatoslav Pylypchuk.

Professor Yirzhi Hasil supported Lviv colleagues’ proposals and assured them of their initiatives support. In addition, he noted that as a director of the International Summer School of the Slavonic Studies cordially invites foreigners and Lviv University students to participate in summer schools.

Charles University in Prague has ancient educational traditions and is considered one of the best in Central Europe. Therefore, strengthening of academic cooperation between Lviv and Charles universities opens up new possibilities both for students and teachers of leading universities of Ukraine and the Czech Republic.