A scientific work is an important and integral part of University’s function. A Scientific Research Section controls and organizes the realization of scientific research at the University. It consists of 19 scientific research laboratories, 7 scientific research institutes, observatory and Botanical gardens.

The basis of the scientific potential of the University is made of well- and worldwide scientific schools in Ukraine: Solid-state Physics; Theoretical Physics; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Bioenergy and Electrophysiology Secretory Cells; Academic Lazarenko’s Mineralogical School; Professor Ermakov’s Termo-Baro-Chemical School; Lviv Scientific School of Precambrian Geology and Metallogeny; Engineering, Environmental and Regional Geomorphology; Territorial Organization of Society; Genetic Soil Science; Complex Analysis; Functional Analysis; Solid Mechanics; Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Physical and Mechanical Fields; Research of Ukrainian’s Agricultural Development, Regulation of Cross-border Business in the Context of Globalization; Economic Modeling in Economic Management and Production Systems; Ivan Franko Studies Institute; Slavonic Studies Institute; The History of Social and Political Processes in Ukraine; The General Theory of Human Rights; Protection of Rights and Victim’s Legitimate Interests and Other Subjects of Criminal Proceedings.

Nowadays University conducts the scientific research on 37 topics, which are financed by Ukraine’s state budget (including 27 fundamental and 10 applied), 11 – international grants (including 5 by the University program for the young scientists’ support), 2 – contractual themes and 6 themes to preserve objects of Ukrainian national heritage. In order to carry out scientific research at Lviv National University 1994 academic staff members were engaged, including 210 doctors and 1113 candidates. There are 7 doctors and 67 candidates among the 144 staff members of Scientific Research Section

The scientific research work at the University is financed by three sources: Ukraine’s state budget, international grants and institutions, Public contracts. The University actively involves grants of international funds and institutions: during the first five months in 2015 they managed to surpass revenues of the year 2014. At the initiative of the University administration, leading scientists of Lviv University prepared the project “Basic Research in the Field of Natural Sciences”, for which University received international grant “Material Phases Data System” (Switzerland) in the amount of 628 thousand UAH.

Every year researchers’ Academic Performance Index at Lviv University is growing: 18 patents were received in the first four months of 2015. In 2014, the most efficient developments were protected by 43 Ukraine’s patents.

In the future the improvement of research and innovation activity at the University will be held towards the establishment of research institutes and scientific park.