The foreign educational practice of students-geographers in Poland

The first-course University students of the Faculty of Tourism started the traditional practice in Malopolska Province in Poland – Ojców National Park and the city of Krakow.

Created on the 14th of January in 1956 the Ojców National Park is the smallest National Park in Poland with a total territory of only 2145,62  ha and 6777 ha of the buffer zone. The park is situated in a picturesque valley of the Prądnik river which is a real paradise near the famous tourist center – the city of Krakow. Its territory comprises natural and historico-cultural treasures – a wide range of rocky and karst formations, a richness of species of flora and fauna, historical and cultural monuments and traditional rural buildings. All this creates a fantastically attractive area with modern tourist and educational infrastructure available for visiting all year round.

It has been already the 20th educational practice of students from the Faculty of Geography in the Ojców National Park. A 10-day duration practice has a busy schedule full of visiting numerous tourist attractions of the Ojców National Park ( caves Łokietka and Ciemna, the River Prądnik valley, well known rocky complexes, Chapel on the water) and learning about its infrastructure, historical and cultural attractions of Krakow and the world famous salt mine.

Also, university students will travel to Tatranskyi National Park ( Tatrzański Park Narodowy, Zakopane resort area, the highest Tatra lake – Sea Eye and the Black Pond), get acquainted with the Jagiellonian University, several more educational institutions in Krakow and visit many other interesting objects.

Students had already visited the Economic University in Krakow, had a long tour of the Old City (the historical center of Krakow), took part in tourist classes in the Ojtsov National Park. The practice of the students of the Faculty of Geography is in accordance with the Agreement on Cooperation between the Ivan Franko Lviv National University and the Ojtsov National Park (Malopolska Voivodship) for 2017-2022, signed April 4, 2017. Practicing leaders are teachers of the Department of Tourism of the Faculty of Geography Yurii Zinko and Svitlana Blahodyr.


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