The head of the Lviv regional state administration Maxym Kozytskyi paid a visit to the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv on
August, 21, 2020, during which the head of the state administration visited the history museum of the university and spoke to the chancellor of the university, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Volodymyr Melnyk.

During the conversation they spoke about the prospects of improving the collaboration between the establishments and implementation of the common projects on education and infrastructure. At first, Volodymyr Petrovych spoke about the academic achievements of the university and familiarized the head of Lviv region with the process of the admission campaign.

In particular, the chancellor mentioned that as far as the number of the university entrants’ applications is concerned, the university enters the top three higher education establishments in Ukraine. Volodymyr Petrovych also stressed the increasing number of entrants from the eastern part of Ukraine willing to obtain their higher education exactly at the university of Lviv. As a result, the question of building new dormitories is of utmost importance to the university. Maksym Kozytskyi promised to support the solution of this problem at the state level.

Volodymyr Petrovych and Maxym Kozytskyi drew special attention to the necessity of promoting a healthy lifestyle and the development of the infrastructure of the educational and sports centre of the university. In addition to this, the head of the Lviv regional state administration took an interest in the objects of the national heritage the university possesses and underlined that each of the 6 objects are of a certain strategic value to Lviv region and the whole country in general.