Mocyk Oleksandr Fedorovych


Institutional factors for the modernization of the Ukrainian-Polish relations in the humanitarian sphere in the context of European integration processes


The conceptual dimension of the problem of Ukrainian-Polish interstate relations in the context of European integration has been revealed in the dissertation.  A real step towards strengthening EU ties is the endorsement of the« Eastern Partnership» initiative at the Prague Summit. It has been proved, that the content and structure of the legal framework of Ukrainian Polish relations in the humanitarian sphere in the processes of European integrationhas been  derived from the basic grounds, principles and norms of international law. The directions of adaptation of national legislation to European requirements have been elucidated.

The same was done by more than a hundred other countries of the world, which committed to harmonize national legislation with international standards. In the context of the implementation of international humanitarian law, an analysis of the articles of the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as a number of Laws of Ukraine:«On Culture» (2011) «On Education» (2017), Decree of the President of Ukraine «On Approval of the National Human Rights Strategy»(2015) has been carried out. In addition to revealing the content of the processes of formation and modernization of the institutional structure of Ukrainian-Polish relations in the humanitarian sphere, the directions for institutional changes in cross-border cooperation, migration and visa policy have been defined. Regions of Europe, whose potential is not fully exploited, remain a promising form of such relations. The improvement of their activities lies in the sphere of development of legislation, proper institutional support and extension of the rights of territorial communities on the principles of decentralization and subsidiarity. The main directions and forms of improving relations between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland in the sphere of science and intercultural dialogue have been characterized. A range of issues and challenges in interstate relations regarding the implementation of historical / national memory policies and outlines ways to address them have been also defined.

Along with state institutions, non-state institutions as well as interregional and transnational entities such as regions of Europe, international programs, projects, as well as network structures of civil society, play an important role in the modernization of Ukrainian-Polish relations in the humanitarian sphere.

Key words: Ukrainian-Polish relations, humanitarian sphere, humanitarian policy, institutionalization, European integration, European Union.

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