Petryna Oksana Stepanivna


Formation and functioning of the English and Ukrainian banking terminology systems


Thesis is devoted to the contrastive analysis of the structure and semantics of the banking terminology in English and Ukrainian to identify general tendencies of term-formation and reveal national-specific features and identities of banking terms of contrasted languages. A paradigm of methods has been selected for the contrastive analysis of banking terminology.

Semantic analysis of inner organization of English and Ukrainian banking terminology systems has been performed. Peculiarities of banking terminology systems have been revealed by the structural method and the system analysis. The etymological analysis has been used to study borrowings and determine their origin. Features and differences of the etymological content in the contrasted terminology systems, and borrowed terms adaptation processes have been described. The role of international nominations in the terminology system formation has been identified.

Special attention has been paid to determining and systematization of the structural peculiarities of banking terms, which have been devided into non-derivative terms, derivative terms, compound terms, abbreviations and terminological phrases. The bulk of each terminology system is composed of the terminological phrases. Quantitative calculations have proved that two-component terminological phrases prevail in the contrasted terminology systems. The productive structural patterns of each structural type have been identified.

The definitional, componental and semantic analyses have been used to determine the meaning of banking terms and reveal their semantic peculiarities. Features of paradigmatic relations of banking terminological vocabulary (synonymy, antonymy, polysemy and homonymy) have been studied. The reasons and sources of synonymy, antonymy, polysemy and homonymy have been revealed. The existence of relative and total synonyms is observed in the contrasted terminology systems. Antonyms in the terminology systems of both languages are divided into contrary antonyms, complementary antonyms, converse antonyms and riverse antonyms. Antonymous relations of converse and complementary types prevail over two other types. The main types of secondary nomination are metaphorical and metonymical transferences.

The research results can be applied in terminological studies, lexicology and typology of the English and Ukrainian languages, in theoretical and practical translation, in teaching and training of students of higher economic educational institutions and postgraduate courses, for compiling the English-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-English dictionaries of banking terminology.

Key words: term, terminology, terminology system, term formation, terminological derivation, synonymous relations, antonymous relations, polysemy, metaphorical transference, metonymical transference.

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